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Michael O'Brien - michael at 

Personal DevOps Infrastructure:

Amazon Certified AWS Solutions Architect - Associate Aug 2019 - Aug 2022

In the AWS Activate - Founders Program - 31st March 2021 around my biometric product Biometric Dual Heart Rate Streaming from Mobile Devices 

What I bring: I primarily work to migrate java based containers into the AWS cloud as either native services like ECS clusters via a native CodeBuild/CodeDeploy CI/CD pipeline - or cloud agnostic Helm/Kubernetes container stacks - see Kubernetes Developer Guide
My particular focus is as a bridge between architecture, development and devops teams.  I am a software architect that provides hands-on capabilities from the POC to the deliverable.

I have worked recently with Amdocs as part of the open source project ONAP (a cloud agnostic kubernetes container stack on top of one or more AWS, Azure, GCE, Openstack or local under clouds), My experience with a pure AWS startup in 2014/2015 (Protoforms) - formed the start of my cloud experience - I have maintained this ongoing experience either directly in my own work or by targeting positions leveraging public cloud.  My experience at Nokia (2015-2017), at Telus (2011-2013), CIRA (2013) at Oracle (2006-2011) and Accenture (2005) exposed me to multiple development architectures, frameworks and issues as Java matured from version 1.1 to 8 and JPA matured from 1.0 to 2.1.

I help companies, governments and individuals with their Architecture, Development and Devops requirements.  My focus is currently Java REST based backend web applications running on various infrastructure from Kubernetes based cloud-agnostic deployments to cloud native AWS ecosystem services - but I work on anything required - like Objective C to create an iOS front end for my heartrate monitors and blackbox gps, magnetic, accelerometer, orientation, heading, gravity, proximity sensors.

I used to post generic developer assistance docs at each company or project I worked at - I think it is better for the future to share this across teams in this wiki.  Some of my older sites are below. wiki | |

Remember that feeling you get in from grade 5 all the way through university when solving problems and designing systems for the first time - I still get this.


|  Linked In | CNCFTwitter | Blogspot | Github | Gitlab | DockerHub | slack | zoom | SwaggerHub |

Local | Azure devopsobrienlabs Shopify Store


Presented at 201712 ONAP San Jose - Onap on Kubernetes for developers

Presented at 201803 ONS Los Angeles - Onap on Kubernetes on Public Cloud

Presented at 201810 OSN Ottawa - ONAP AWS deployment

Presented at 201810 ONAP Academic - AT&T New York - ONAP Kubernetes/Helm for developers

Attended 201508 AWS Chicago
Attended 201807 AWS New York
Attended 201907 AWS New York
Attended 201910 AWS Toronto


Experiments are good for you

Biometric Dual Heart Rate Streaming from Mobile Devices

- send some packets around the earth using all AWS regions - Experiment 1901: Sending Packets around the Earth - magellan


my Rancher/RKE work




Working towards Amazon Business Partner status


Oracle Java EE 6 - JPA 2.0 Metamodel API work for JSR-317 2006-2011 -

Also I would allow anon comments - and even pages - but within a couple weeks with commenting on at 20190729:1500EDT GMT-4 I experienced a rogue comment bot for 4 hours that added 382 comments every min with "don't know what" links - so the entire site is read-only - for non-users now - sorry - let me know if you want to collaborate as I have 8 user licences left.

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