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Experiments are good for you - send some packets around the earth using all AWS regions - Experiment 1901: Sending Packets around the Earth - magellan

and AWS Quickstarts

The accelerator "may" speedup throughput - but not against a local DC

AWS Console 2013 Historical

AWS Cloud Native Services and Cloud Agnostic Correspondence

Almost any type of service has both an AWS cloud native and non-AWS alternative.  The cloud-agnostic service can always be run on base IaaS AWS EC2 infrastructure.


Amazon Web Services - IaaS

Kubernetes on AWS

I have written extensively on running Kubernetes container orchestration clusters on Amazon AWS while with the open source ONAP NFV project from 2017 to 2019 for EC2 and EKS - see - details on orchestrating 200+ containers in a Helm/Kubernetes cluster on AWS EC2

 or DevOps#KubernetesClusteronAWSEC2 and Kubernetes Developer Guide

AWS Cloud Native Services - PaaS

Amazon Certificate Service

CloudFormation - Infrastructure as Code

CloudWatch - Monitoring/Logs

CloudFront - Static Content

CodeCommit - Git


CodeBuild - Jenkins replacement

CodeDeploy - CI/CD

CodePipeline - CI/CD

Cognito - Identity Pools

ECR - Elastic Container Registry

AWS Developer Guide#ECS-ElasticContainerService-Development

ECS - Elastic Container Service

AWS-4 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AWS Developer Guide#ECS-ElasticContainerService-Development


EFS - Elastic File System / NFS

EKS - Elastic Kubernetes Service

ElasticSearch - ELK

IAM - Identity

S3 - Object Storage

RDS/Aurora - DBaaS

Route53 - DNS

VPC - Networking

AWS Developer Guide


see DevOps#CreateaBastion/JumpboxVMforCLIaccess

AWS Java configuration options in S3

see and

Solutions and Open Source

Amazon support of open source | | RTOS | ONAP |

Static Hosting / Redirection


Myself (working towards) - Michael O'Brien Michael O'Brien

Trinimbus - I worked with this excellent company while I was at Prontoforms in 2014


UPS company purchased after the outage

AWS Services Matrix




20190625: AWS re:Inforce Keynote -

AWS NY 2019

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