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There are several design patterns around CD (Continuous Deployment and also Continuous Delivery).  There are two larger classifications - push and pull.  A CI/CD framework can be setup to fully automate generation of Yamls, charts and operators in the case of Kubernetes, or the deployment system can pull existing infrastructure already merged in the git repo.  In either case the boiler plate code can be parameterized with details that vary across dev/stg/prod such as docker image name, secrets.

Pull Oriented CI/CD System

An example of a system that operates like a parameterized framework is the Redhat OpenShift wrapper around Kubernetes.

Couple a build system (AWS CodeBuild/CodeDeploy, Jenkins, Gitlab or Azure DevOps) with a container registry (AWS ECR, Nexus, DockerHub) and the source control (AWS CodeCommit, Github, Gitlab, Gerrit) around a kubernetes cluster (AWS EKS, OpenShift, Rancher/RKE)

Push Oriented CI/CD System

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