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DI 20190529-1: Run terraform apply in headless mode - no region or approval prompts

Terraform apply asks for the region - need to supply these as ideally an environment specific override.

# before
obrienbiometrics:terraform michaelobrien$ terraform apply
  Enter a value: us-east-1
Do you want to perform these actions?
  Enter a value: yes

Option 1: 

DI 101: Ingres

Presenting a single point of entry without resorting to using different exposed ports (Kubernetes NodePorts for example) is a common design issue.  There are various approaches where the following is a short subset list.

Kubernetes Ingres controller



DI 102: Resiliency: Persistent HA Kubernetes Container

How to ensure that a kubernetes container in a pod does not get rescheduled unless the underlying VM restarts - and even then - is there a way to transition across VMs without any down time.

DI 20210424-1 - Single Page Serverless Web Applications

Default target

Web Applications on an S3 Bucket

Web Applications on CloudFront

Web Applications on Lambda and API Gateway

Web Applications on AWS Amplify

Security framework edge to internal

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