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low fidelity diagram

Business Requirements

General: Cost Reduction - FinOps - move from VM reservation to event based fully serverless

General: Phased Cloud Adoption/migration - both at the technology and refactoring levels - as a collaboration POC across traditional silos (dev team (SA/dev/UX/Testing - as 3 Gov FTE/Gov Contractor/Provider Contractor), Dept IT, SSC/cross-govt IT, cloud provider IT)

Specific: sporadic uploads of document sets of widely varying workloads up to at 13-35GB/hour upload (2138- and <450GB/hour download) 

Specific: Legal issues with Snowball (offline/physical upload to edge location) - precludes online only upload

Specific: Developer skills dictate options for management portal (initially java based PaaS container - to fully serverless) 

IT Requirements

Infrastructure as Code supporting immutable infrastructure

Moving virtual workloads off on-prem DCs

Reusable Infrastructure across application projects (cloud lifts to new serverless development can benefit from initial cloud-first projects)

Shared IT responsibility: Decrease IT responsibility by leveraging PaaS, SaaS and FaaS depending on phase and use/data requirements

Security Guardrails - Out of the box accelerator can be reused across Govt Depts

Solution Architecture

2 diagrams (low/high fidelity)

Implementation Plan

Immediate POC, MVP 1 and 2 phases

Analysis, discovery, sprints, delivery - with user involvement through POC to MVP UAT

Reusable IAC across local laptop, dev, staging, prod

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