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Lenovo Thinkpad P17 - Oct 2020

The RTX-5000 in the Lenovo P17 works with the Apple LG Ultrafine 5K display through the thunderbolt port.

Lenovo has upgraded the P73 with the replacement P17.  I purchased the top P73 model at the end of aug for 7K (on sale from 11K full price)
The specs are increased with 13% more airflow, allowing for 110W RTX 5000 power.  I received the same 6 core Xeon model (W-10855M replaces the E-2276M) -  so no 8 core 10885 (like my Macbook Pro 9980) but 6 cores is actually better for non-parallel loads because the base clock is 2.8 instead of 2.4 GHz.   128G ECC ram, 2 x 2 TB nVMe drives (no 3rd SSD anymore).

Lenovo Tninkpad P53 - Oct 2018

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