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OSX Catalina 10.15 Issues

I have 3 of my total 5 macbook pros' still around - I keep a 2015 pre butterfly model because it was the sweet spot until the 16 inch 2019 model.

The current flagship is my top end Late 2019 16 inch model with a 2.4GHz i9 9980 CPU with 64G DDR4 RAM - the AMD 5500, with only a 2TB SSD not the 8TB option which reduces the price from 7500 to 5300.

new models since Sept come preinstalled with 10.15, my July 2019 pro still has 10.14.6 and works very well using the older OS.  I am working through the issues getting software working on Catalina - here are the workarounds.

VMware fusion 11 will work fine on a new catalina system, but has issues with permissions during a 10.14 upgrade

You will get a "untrusted" popup for any software that is not catalina signed - the workaround is to right click the app and select "open" or "open with:" - you will then get 1 to 2 more popups but the last one will allow you to launch the app - a security bypass rule will be entered in the system and you will be ok - for example when installing maven - you need to do this to the library libjansi.jnilib to avoid libjansi.jnilib” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified"Developer Guide#OSX

MacBook Pro Late 2019 16 Inch

issues with chrome noise (blue lines) -
Disable hardware acceleration in chrome 

Purchased 20191117 - $5980

Apple deviated from its' normal procedure and put in 2 extensive hardware changes within 3 months of each other - normally there is 1 upgrade every 1 to 2 years - we went from 16 to 32G in the summer of 2019 - I did not expect the better upgrade a couple months later to 16 inch, 64g, the better (old) keyboard and a cooling upgrade - I feel a bit tricked into buying the mid 2019 laptop just before the late 2019 - the 32g model should have never went out.

Apple finally fixed most of the issues with the MacBook pro since the 2016 launch of the butterfly/touch-bar version - re-supporting developers.

The keyboard is partially fixed (escape key back, butterfly out/scissor in - but the touch bar remains for function key access. 

The performance problems running more than 3 cores on the 8 core machine where thermal throttling comes in - are partially fixed by a 35% increase in fan size - on the same 9980 8-core CPU

The 32G ram increase in the 2019 model is now at the standard 64G ram size - allowing for more or larger VMs.

The screen has increased 0.6 inches to 16 inches.

MacBook Pro 2019 15 Inch

Purchased 201908 - $6050

We have moved to 32G ram from 16G - allowing for VMs of over 9G to run.

We now are running the 9980 8-core CPU

I am a little disappointed and at the same time relieved with Apple - normally there is at least 1 year gap between major hardware changes like doubling the ram from 16 to 32.  I really did not expect that within 3 months apple would fix the cooling, double the ram again to 64 and throw out the butterfly keyboard that I have used on my last 2 models- essentially returning to the 2015 model high state.  So I ended up with 2 machines in the space of a couple months.

MacBook Pro Late 2016

Purchased 201701 - $4700

MacBook Pro Late 2013

Purchased 201402 - $3900

The previous sweet spot of professional development.

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