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join the google developers group (for android development)

Procedure to get a Google Cloud account with domain and workspace business plus account

open an incognito window (don't use your other google accounts)

instead sign up using Google Workspaces


add yourself or your business

select a new domain =

Google workspace free trial

goto and immediately select the free trial - this will start your billing cycle but retain the $400 = 300 + 100 (business level) credits

However, your 100 business plus credit will be applied after you 

Run the checklist before you are able to create folders

Add Project Billing Manager role to enable project billing

In order to be able to create folders and associate a billing account with projects - the super admin level user that has the "organization administrator" role also needs the "project billing manager" role.

Enable the 

michael@cloudshell:~ (bold-zoo-341919)$ gcloud auth list
Credentialed Accounts


To set the active account, run:
    $ gcloud config set account `ACCOUNT`

michael@cloudshell:~ (bold-zoo-341919)$ gcloud organizations list
ID: 197381943134
michael@cloudshell:~ (bold-zoo-341919)$ gcloud organizations add-iam-policy-binding 197381943134 --member="" --role="roles/resourcemanager.organizationAdmin"Updated IAM policy for organization [197381943134].
- members:
  role: roles/billing.creator
- members:
  role: roles/resourcemanager.organizationAdmin
- members:
  role: roles/resourcemanager.projectCreator
etag: BwXYp3WwCmA=
version: 1

Results will be full folder creation level rights.

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