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obrienlabs:openshift michaelobrien$ crc version
CodeReady Containers version: 1.34.0+34c31851
OpenShift version: 4.9.0 (bundle installed at /Applications/CodeReady
obrienlabs:openshift michaelobrien$ crc setup
INFO Checking if running as non-root              
INFO Checking if crc-admin-helper executable is cached 
INFO Checking for obsolete admin-helper executable 
INFO Checking if running on a supported CPU architecture 
INFO Checking minimum RAM requirements            
INFO Checking if running emulated on a M1 CPU     
INFO Checking if HyperKit is installed            
INFO Checking if qcow-tool is installed           
INFO Checking if crc-driver-hyperkit is installed 
INFO Checking if CodeReady Containers daemon is running 
INFO Checking if launchd configuration for tray exists 
INFO Creating launchd configuration for tray      
INFO Check if CodeReady Containers tray is running 
INFO Checking if CRC bundle is extracted in '$HOME/.crc' 
INFO Checking if /Applications/CodeReady exists 
INFO Extracting bundle from the CRC executable    
INFO Ensuring directory /Applications/CodeReady exists 
INFO Uncompressing crc_hyperkit_4.9.0.crcbundle   
crc.qcow2: 1.83 GiB / 11.50 GiB [--------------------------->_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________] 15.91%

Bundle 'crc_hyperkit_4.9.0' was requested, but the existing VM is using 'crc_hyperkit_4.6.15'. Please delete your existing cluster and start again
delete older cluster from .crc folder - entire contents
run again
crc setup
crc start
INFO Starting OpenShift kubelet service                 
INFO Waiting for kube-apiserver availability... [takes around 2min] 
INFO Adding user's pull secret to the cluster...  
INFO Updating SSH key to machine config resource... 
INFO Waiting for user's pull secret part of instance disk... 
INFO Changing the password for the kubeadmin user 
INFO Updating cluster ID...                       
INFO Updating root CA cert to admin-kubeconfig-client-ca configmap... 
INFO Starting OpenShift cluster... [waiting for the cluster to stabilize] 
INFO Operator openshift-controller-manager is progressing 
INFO All operators are available. Ensuring stability... 
INFO Operators are stable (2/3)...                
INFO Operators are stable (3/3)...                
INFO Adding crc-admin and crc-developer contexts to kubeconfig... 
Started the OpenShift cluster.

The server is accessible via web console at:

Log in as administrator:
  Username: kubeadmin
  Password: hUVG7-Rz3VQ-8MY93-5KdV5

Log in as user:
  Username: developer
  Password: developer

Use the 'oc' command line interface:
  $ eval $(crc oc-env)
  $ oc login -u developer https://api.crc.testing:6443

obrienlabs:openshift michaelobrien$ eval $(crc oc-env)
obrienlabs:openshift michaelobrien$ oc login -u developer https://api.crc.testing:6443
Logged into "https://api.crc.testing:6443" as "developer" using existing credentials.

You don't have any projects. You can try to create a new project, by running

    oc new-project <projectname>
obrienlabs:openshift michaelobrien$ oc new-project dev
Now using project "dev" on server "https://api.crc.testing:6443".

to get full cli access (to use kubectl get nodes for example), hit the right top username, use "copy login command" - login as kubadmin, copy auth token

obrienlabs:openshift michaelobrien$ oc login --token=sha256~ZZGIw87Gig1Da9PkPFmFgcOKmhxhSqPS4MyXcf8v5Vw --server=https://api.crc.testing:6443
Logged into "https://api.crc.testing:6443" as "kubeadmin" using the token provided.

You have access to 65 projects, the list has been suppressed. You can list all projects with 'oc projects'

Using project "dev".
obrienlabs:openshift michaelobrien$ kubectl get nodes
NAME                 STATUS   ROLES           AGE     VERSION
crc-dzk9v-master-0   Ready    master,worker   6d15h   v1.22.0-rc.0+894a78b

Openshift 4.6

running inside my firewall - so security not an issue for this one