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I have several use cases that require either text or image processing. One use case involves processing weather radar images along with metadata and textual weather statements around the 6-10 min intervals - towards the goal of extreme event forecasting (essentially tracking the purple pixels as they move between radar sites).

see Weather Radar Prediction
see AWS Event Driven Architecture

AWS Text and Image Processing


Use Cases

Ideally a use case involving hand written answers to tabular forms.

AI-2 - Getting issue details... STATUS

see SBI in AWS Comprehend

AWS Feasibility using Textract

Textract Finops

free tierFor the first three months after account sign-up, new customers can analyze up to 1,000 pages per month using the Detecting Document Text API and up to 100 pages per month using the Analyze Document Text API.
API$.07 per TX - FinOps#CostingFormulas

Textract Limits

Textract Initial Infrastructure

Textract API

Textract API Examples
APIUse CaseExample
ConsoleUTC time extraction from Weather Radar Image

biometric:ai-cloudformation michaelobrien$ aws s3 ls textract-console-us-east-2-88e8126b-8081-4ebb-8aaf-1e2158be1a28
2021-04-06 11:50:54      56550 xft_2012_06_03_17_00.pdf
biometric:openshift michaelobrien$ aws textract start-document-analysis --document '{"S3Object":{"Bucket":"textract-console-us-east-2-88e8126b-8081-4ebb-8aaf-1e2158be1a28","Name":"xft_2012_06_03_17_00.pdf"}}' --feature-types '["TABLES","FORMS"]' --region us-east-2
"JobId": "e4176abc8ff644736ef778d37b746b4b8dd295358acb04a00bcfd2a45642c6e7"

DynamoDB tracking

AWS Automation via UiPath



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